Dog Grooming and Canine Physiotherapy

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Canine Physiotherapy

Dr Gail Williams is a Veterinary Physiotherapist who works with many leading vets in the midlands area. She is an approved Veterinary Physiotherapist for all major insurance companies and if your dog is insured for vet’s fees, he will probably be insured for physiotherapist’s fees. For legal reasons the consent of your vet must be obtained before physiotherapy treatment can commence

Many canine problems respond to physiotherapy treatment, such as injuries suffered in road accidents, fractures, wounds, arthritis and back pain. Elderly dogs in particular benefit from physiotherapy treatment and their mobility and quality of life can be greatly enhanced.

Gail is seen in the picture treating her own working gundog, Milton, a chocolate Labrador. Milton is a rescue dog and was starved and beaten as a juvenile. As such he has malnutrition related joint problems which require regular physiotherapy to keep him active and pain free. Also seen in the photographs are “Billie” a Miniature Schnauzer with a congenital spine deformity and “Monty” a German Wirehaired Pointer with hip dysplasia, both of whom benefit from regular physiotherapy. If you want to discuss the possibility of physiotherapy for your dog, contact the Pooch Patch and Gail will get back to you.

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